IoT network operations is the core of our service portfolio.

Our IoT services apply to the following project phases:

  • Conception: we provide technical training and consultancy.
  • Planning: we support you in shaping the topology of your IoT network.
  • Testing: pre-selection of hardware and software as well as testing them.
  • Rollout: we perform the implementation for you.
  • Operations: we monitor and improve the performance of your IoT network. Also, we maintain the hardware and keep the software up-to-date.

Why is IoT network operations so important?

  • Continuous network monitoring and maintenance to avoid partial or total blackout.
  • Regular performance analysis to improve it or adapt to new conditions.  

How do we help you?

  • Our main goal is to enable the best performance in your IoT network.
  • In order to reach this target, the right decisions should be made right from the beginning, i.e. in the conception phase.
  • As a result, smooth network operations yield the best performance of your IoT network.
  • We support you in the whole life cycle of your IoT network.

Contact us to build and operate your IoT network.