Managing Director

  • Dipl.-Ing. Saga Gnassingbe
  • Saga Gnassingbe was born 1970 in Siou (Togo/west Africa). He received a Bachelor Degree of Communications Engineering from  Fachhochschule für Technik Esslingen in 1995 and a Master Degree of Electrical Engineering (Information Technology) from University of Stuttgart in 2008.
  • Saga Gnassingbe has over 10 years of experience as technical trainer in international environment for the following domains: UMTS/HSPA and EPC/LTE network architecture, UMTS/HSPA and EPC/LTE procedures (call control, session management, mobility management, radio resource management, QoS management), WCDMA/LTE radio planning and dimensioning, RAN/eRAN performance monitoring as well as RAN/eRAN parameter optimization.
  • He contributed in several projects, providing technology consulting in the area of radio network planning, performance monitoring and optimization, including projects of well-known global players as Deutsche Telekom in Bonn/Germany, Qualcomm Technologies in Nürnberg/Germany, Ericsson France in Paris/France and Huawei Technologies in Bonn/Germany.